Monthly Archives: July 2011

44 Target Practice

Montana Sheep, Goat, and Moose tags came out recently and although I received a BIG GOOSE EGG on the drawing process, several of our friends were successful in drawing both moose and goat tags. We know three people who drew … Continue reading

Day Off

We both had a couple of days off of work and the weather forecast was finally in our favor to get the camper out for a few days in the mountains close to home. Between spring runoff and a bumper … Continue reading

Tell Your Story Hunting Gal Promo

Tell Your Story! Share your hunts & recipes.

Morel Hunting Photos

Last month we went out for an afternoon of foraging through the forest and creek bottoms for morel mushrooms. The morel mushroom can be elusive until your eyes become accustom to finding them in the grass, leaves and deadfall. While we … Continue reading

Alicia shares her hunting photos

My dad is a Taxidermist in MT so all my life I have experienced the beauty of the outdoors. When I was old enough to take Hunter Safety I was signed up right away to start learning more facts about animals … Continue reading