Alicia shares her hunting photos

My dad is a Taxidermist in MT so all my life I have experienced the beauty of the outdoors. When I was old enough to take Hunter Safety I was signed up right away to start learning more facts about animals that my dad didn’t teach us. As I began hunting, I fell in love with the sport. I have never been bow hunting but I love rifle season and fishing too!
AliciaCapp_antelope postim
This is my second antelope the first one was a doe, this buck measured out at 14 inches. I have hunted all my hunts with my dad.

My dad, mom and I were lying in a ditch waiting for the whitetail deer to come out to us. As soon as we spotted this 4 x 5 buck, I laid my tripod down, positioned my rifle and with one shot the buck was down.
This was my first cow elk and I harvested her with one shot, I was with my dad in my home state of MT. When I shot I wasn’t expecting her to drop instantly but she did and I had never been so excited. I remember looking into my scope thinking how amazing it was to finally have an elk in my cross hairs. After I made sure she was dead the picture taking began!
When I am not in college I am in my hometown with my family making sure we get plenty of outdoor excitement.

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