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At Hunting Gals content is king and that is what keeps users coming back for more! Advertising on is a simple and easy way to target thousands of hunting women. The advertising format on is minimally invasive to the site user but sill effective by limiting the amount of ads on each page. Each advertiser gets a 90 pixel x 90 pixel image and then up to 140 characters of searchable type.

There are 4 advertising location opportunities with, the home page, the recipes pages, gear review pages, and article pages. Ads are sold on monthly rates with a maximum of three ads per location at one time. Monthly advertisers receive 100% of the page hits within a given location (No rotating ads!).

Click Here to download the ad specification.  

Home Page: $500/Month
Recipe Pages: $350/Month
Gear Review Pages: $350/Month
Article Pages: $350/Month

* Book for the entire year and receive 10% off total booking.

If you wish to place an ad please email or phone: 406-580-1956

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