Chasing Muley’s Around

It seems like it was yesterday that my gear was neatly packed in my clean truck as I anticipated the fast approaching season.  My arrows where neatly sorted and mounted
with sharp broad heads, their fletching new and bright, my bow precisely tuned from months of bag work, the strings and cables sported a fresh coat of wax. All in preparation for the big show called hunting season.

Now weeks into season I find myself driving home in a rain storm my mind is sorting through the successes and the failures of 2011 hunting season. My knees and feet are riddled with cactus quills, my feet show traces of partly healed blisters, and a fine layer
of dirt covers my body from days of hunting and sleeping under the stars. My neatly sorted arrows look used and no longer represent an even dozen and my bow string appears to need a shave. Without exception, everything I own is now covered in dust including my truck which also has debris scattered throughout the cab.


Up to this point, I have been unsuccessful in harvesting a muley but my passion propels me to continue the pursuit of filling my deer tag into the rest of season. The abuse on my body and gear has been well worth it and represents fun filled days of hunting and quality time in the outdoors with my hunting partner.  As of late the pursuit of filling my deer tag
has turned to hunting out of my treestand for whitetails, I’ll keep you posted.

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