HerCAMOShop Scent-Free Haircare and Body Wash Review


Over the years I’ve tried various scent elimination products. Through much disappointment, ratty hair and cracked skin I resolved to use my regular hair care products along with any non-scented lotion I could find. For the most part this technique has worked for me simply for the fact that my hunting style is to “spot and stalk” which in turn makes me keep my eye on the wind. Occasionally I do hunt out of a tree stand and I wanted to find a product marketed towards the lady hunter that works. My first product order was from Hercamoshop.com, I ordered the travel pack that contained a 2oz. bottle of the scent free shampoo, conditioner and body wash.


The appealing little travel pack sat on my bathroom counter for a couple of weeks until I put it in the cupboard for the season. For some reason I had reservations about using it. Why? I asked myself, was it the memory from the last time I used a product like this? Was I afraid I’d never get a comb through my hair again, and the memories of my itchy scalp and parched skin from other scent-free lotions and shampoos? Mainly I just want clean scent free hair that I can easily comb since most likely there’s going to be a hat on my head or my hair will be tied back.


Spring turkey and bear season arrived; I put the product in the shower and resolved to use it. The moment of truth had come.


The scent free body wash was non-drying with a slight but pleasant scent to it that seemed to evaporate once I was dried and dressed. Upon application of the scent free shampoo and conditioner I knew immediately I’d at least be able to get a comb through my hair. The end result from using both the shampoo and conditioner was that my hair felt soft.  My scalp and hair were not dry, nor was it greasy, my hair was manageable without fizziness and most importantly easy to comb out.


Before I close my review on this product I should describe my hair type: its fine to medium in texture, naturally frizzy/wavy, long and is highlighted with color. HerCamoShop scent-free products also include hair gel and hairspray. Prices and sizes range but seem to be very reasonable. I’m definitely ordering the 8-ounce sizes for this next hunting season.

Product available online @ hercamoshop.com

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