44 Target Practice

Montana Sheep, Goat, and Moose tags came out recently and
although I received a BIG GOOSE EGG on the drawing process, several of our
friends were successful in drawing both moose and goat tags. We know three
people who drew goat tags in the same unit that my husband held his goat tag in
a few years back. We spent that summer scouting out the area and have a great
bit of experience in this unit.
I am looking forward to helping our friends scout out the
area again and see if we can find a couple of the older Billy’s that we have
kept tabs on.
Scouting the area means backpacking or at least a good day
hike. This unit has the highest concentration of Grizzlies in the lower 48
states. With that thought in the back of my mind I took an opportunity to
practice with my Smith 44 mag which I carry in addition to bear spray. I’m not
sure which item I would reach for if I were being charged or if I’d just pass
out on the spot! either way having the protection eases my imaginative mind.


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