Monthly Archives: October 2012

Endless Energy Bites

The “endless” means there are many different combinations of ingredients that you can choose to put in these yummy delights tailoring them to your own taste buds. No-bake too! This is the recipe I used for our elk hunting this season, … Continue reading

Bison Short Ribs Marinated in Coffee

I have a hard time following a recipe unless I’m baking. This recipe however, I did not make any of my own changes and it was very tasty. My ribs were just a touch over cooked so keep an eye on the time like … Continue reading

Dear Branches

By Joey Nelson Dear Branches, I’d like to be your friend.  You have many good qualities, like a place to put my stand, camouflage and protection from the wind. I’d like to call a truce.  You taught me how to … Continue reading