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It seems like it was yesterday that my gear was neatly packed in my clean truck as I anticipated the fast approaching season.  My arrows where neatly sorted and mounted with sharp broad heads, their fletching new and bright, my … Continue reading

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Written and submitted by Gina Martens of Crivitz, WI    It Kindly Stopped for Me The gray sky seems to open slowly, but deliberately to allow the first season’s snowflakes fall to the earth.  The fresh, cool air felt pleasant in … Continue reading

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After spending the past few months in relentless pursuit of the elusive elk with my bow, I looked forward to sitting in my tree stand for a change of pace.  My stands had been set up for over a month … Continue reading

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It was four thirty in the morning when five of us left the truck in the dark with our packs and cold weather gear on, trudging through the snow the 6 miles to get to the area that holds mountain … Continue reading

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Pee_wee Crossed legs

Pee-Wee® Portable Bathroom   The Pee-Wee® might be a new concept to most hunters, offering the outdoor fanatic a “go anywhere” toilet kit “when plumbing’s not available®” and this product is worth taking a look at. or find them on … Continue reading

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Every community has them, trails winding through the back yards of the neighboorhoods but most branch out just outside of the city limits. Ours is a beacon high on a mountain face, overlooking Bozeman signifying our Montana State University with … Continue reading

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NAVAGATION– Map, compass or GPS. Personally I am in the process of learning how to use the Garmin 450. I like the touch screen features and I recommend purchasing the land ownership chip from Kirsch’s Outdoor Products. SUN PROTECTIOON – Sunscreen, … Continue reading

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Montana Sheep, Goat, and Moose tags came out recently and although I received a BIG GOOSE EGG on the drawing process, several of our friends were successful in drawing both moose and goat tags. We know three people who drew … Continue reading

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