Pee-Wee® Portable Bathroom Review

Pee-Wee® Portable Bathroom

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The Pee-Wee® might be a new concept to most hunters, offering the outdoor fanatic a “go anywhere” toilet kit “when plumbing’s not available®” and this product is worth taking a look at. or find them on Facebook® at


  • It’s fully biodegradable and if I can help in any way to maintain our resources I am onboard.
  • It comes with a sealable bag that you can toss into any normal trash receptacle making it convenient.
  • Great for backpacking into areas where you don’t want to or cannot leave a trace, there’s nothing worse than seeing toilet paper scattered across the countryside.
  • Perfect for sitting in a blind for hours or in a tree stand, when you don’t want to climb in and out, taking the risk of blowing the next big trophy out. I wish I had known about these when I was in Canada Black bear hunting, I was afraid to drink any liquids for fear I would have to crawl down to relieve myself.
  • You could keep some in your glove-box especially if you have kids or live in an area where you get stuck in traffic. Easier for the boys to use in these situations but hey if you really had to I bet you could find a way.
  • It is unisex too and is also great for kids.
  • The Pee-Wee is easy to use, you just use it then seal it up and toss it in the trash or pack it out.
  • You can also fill it with some water and freeze for an excellent ice pack for sore muscles once you get home from the big hunt. I had sore knees from working out and hiking this summer and I found I liked them better than ice cubes in a Ziploc.


  • You still need to find privacy or a secluded place to use the Pee-Wee which depending on the situation can be a challenge.

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