About Joey

My name is Joey.  For some reason, my parents gave me a boy’s name all along knowing that they were adopting a girl.  I enjoy girlie amenities, but I am the most comfortable outdoors and, at heart, I am a tomboy.  My name suits me well.

Besides being outdoors, in my spare time you will find me lost in the middle of a good book or in the kitchen baking and cooking . . . thus, I am always watching the scale.  Having fun is high on my priority list and I love to joke around.

I never would I have thought I’d become a hunting gal, but in my late 20’s I met Jesse, my husband-to-be, and he introduced me to the sport of hunting . . . it has been love-at-first “sight” ever since (for my husband AND hunting).  I still look forward to opportunities to hunt with Jesse, but some of my biggest growth as a hunter has come from going out alone.  I attribute many of my hunting skills to a great group of guy friends who, early in my hunting career, continually allowed me onto their playing field.  As I drew from their talent and skill as hunters, I was able to develop my own style.  You may find me out hunting during rifle season, but I much prefer the challenge and weather of archery season.

It has been rewarding to see some of my articles on hunting published. I received the ultimate honor in 2009 and was recognized by a group of my peers as the first woman bowhunter of the year an award that I’m humbled by. Awards and press aside, hunting is truly a way of life for me and my family. When the truck door shuts it’s me against the world. I get what I put in to every opportunity and I relish every memory I’ve made from my time spent in the field.

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