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I know, I know-it looks like we are Northern fishing instead of Paddlefishing right? Okay the deal was this, we were going to fish Northern Pike during the day and bow hunt for Paddlefish at night. This was our second … Continue reading

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Nice bull Renee, thanks for sharing with huntinggal!

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I wouldn’t describe myself as an expert by any means of the word but I enjoy the harvest and being in the outdoors.  These days our lives are so busy that it is easy to get lost in the monotony … Continue reading

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It was four thirty in the morning when five of us left the truck in the dark with our packs and cold weather gear on, trudging through the snow the 6 miles to get to the area that holds mountain … Continue reading

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Nice job Annie, thanks for sharing your photo with huntinggal! Also nice to see you out with your girl showing her how to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

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Cool Bull Renee! Can’t wait to see what you harvest this year.

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Marcy you are quite the hunter-Nice antelope! Looking forward to hearing about all your hunting experiences from this season.

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Fourteen years ago in scheduling my wedding date, I made sure that it didn’t collide with any hunting seasons. A few years later Montana moved the opening of antelope season up two weeks, landing it right on our anniversary. At … Continue reading

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My dad is a Taxidermist in MT so all my life I have experienced the beauty of the outdoors. When I was old enough to take Hunter Safety I was signed up right away to start learning more facts about animals … Continue reading

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Nice Bear Annie! Thanks for sending me your photo.

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