The M – Conditioning for Hunting Season

Every community has them, trails winding through the back
yards of the neighboorhoods but most branch out just outside of the city
limits. Ours is a beacon high on a mountain face, overlooking Bozeman signifying
our Montana State University with a giant white washed rock M.


For some the success of reaching this symbol carries a
feeling like planting a flag on the moon and for others the accomplishment is
less of an impact and more of a stress reliever that breaks up the monotony of
the day. The trails branch out in several different loops all arriving at the
same destination but each trail represents a different degree of difficulty. All
are well worn from the impact of the variety of different users from man’s best
friend out with their owner to the high strung athletes training for the next
big race.


This time of year the M becomes part of my regular routine
and part of my preparation to condition myself for the upcoming archery season.
Several local hunters including myself can be found pushing our lungs and legs to
the full potential on these trail systems this time of year. I have found
this training is equally important as time spent practicing with my bow. If
you can’t get to the game, it doesn’t matter if you can hit it!


I mix this type of conditioning up with some weights and
running and I find my experience in the field is more enjoyable and successful.

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