Ryen and her first Bull


I drew a rifle bull tag this year and was stoked to go on my first elk hunts. We had been elk scouting for the past few weekends. Plenty elk were around, but the right bull hadn’t appeared. The season was getting close to getting over, so I was pulled out of school a few days that week to give me more time to hunt.

That next morning my dad, grandpa, and I started hiking the mountain at daylight. We were glassing the ridge side when we spotted this bull.  We quickly got down wind of him and into a good position to shoot. He was grazing the ridge on a small open hillside; all
I had to do was wait until he gave me a broadside shot. Only a few minutes later I shot a bullet into him. We gave him some time, and then hiked over to recover my trophy.

My first elk.

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