Day Off

We both had a couple of days off of work and the weather forecast was finally in our favor to get the camper out for a few days in the mountains close to home. Between spring runoff and a bumper crop of mosquitoes we had a difficult time finding a camping spot. The runoff was at an all time high and posed as a threat to our water loving Jack Russell’s so we chose a spot on a high ridge far from any creek banks. Not realizing that we were in the heart of the mosquito breeding grounds, forcing us to hold up inside the camper for the evening. Peering out the widow fearing the swarm of bug infestation that circled the camper in search of blood, like some B rated zombie movie.

 At 9,000 ft. the air was chilly and frosty the next day subduing the bugs and allowed us to enjoy a great morning outdoors! Before the mosquito’s where out again we made breakfast, rode the motor cycle around, practiced shooting the 44 mag, and took a short hike to look at potential hunting areas.
On our way back from the hike it was warming up and the bugs were starting to nibble away at us once again. After taking a nap we decided it was too miserable to stay and we hastily packed up and headed home making it a quick overnight trip.

The Jack’s getting their first squirrel of the season!
“It wasn’t me, I don’t know what happend all of a sudden it just fell over dead!”

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