Carp Bow Hunting Gal

April is from MT, working on finishing her senior year at MSU in Bozeman. Her father is a taxidermist and the whole family loves to hunt. She has hunted since turning twelve and taking the hunter safety course. April got into carp fishing 3 years ago with her dad; he had been carp fishing for a few years when she became very interested in the idea. I called my dad and told him I was buying a bow right now because I wanted to carp fish with him, making him very proud. “I thought it was going to be easier than it was but right away I fell in love with it” says April. I love being outside fishing, fly fishing, carp fishing, hunting, and hiking.  Carp fishing is a blast to do, it takes practice. I had to practice a lot on how to aim and I even went to the gym to improve the strength in my arms. I would love one day to carp fish on the river where all the carp are flying by your face!

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