Hoyt Carbon Element


By Joey Nelson

Hoyt took the archery world by storm in 2010 with the introduction of the Carbon Matrix and its wild carbon tubed riser.  The 2011 follow-up performance of Carbon Element has done nothing but exceeded expectations with it shorter, lighter, and faster platform. The Carbon Element is a true testament of Hoyts continued pursuit of innovative engineering and design. The introduction of this Fuel cam design and the addition of a #1 cam frame size truly sets Hoyt apart from other bow manufactures by opening up their enter line as a viable option to female archers. I’m personal look forward to packing my Element around this upcoming hunting season. Its light weight frame and draw length adjustment make the Element a great fit for any hunting gal!


  • At just 3.6 lb. the Carbon Element is the lightest yet strongest Hoyt bow ever.
  • Carbon provides an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Carbon is warm to the touch making those frigid hunts easier to tolerate. (Every little bit helps)!
  • The carbon tube design reduces sound and vibration during the shot while producing exceptional aiming characteristics.
  • The Fuel cam & 1/2 has a smooth draw cycle and comfortable valley and is one of the most forgiving cams I’ve ever shot.
  • The draw cycle is quieter with the new improved draw stop.
  • The draw weight is 40-80 pounds with the draw length of 24.5-30 inches. With such broad ranges this knocks down yet another hurtle in favor of us hunting gals!


  • The Carbon Elements is high end with incredible features bringing its price point on the high end.

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