Review by Joey Nelson
Cablz eyewear retainers are made from surgical grade steel giving them industrial strength for those of us that work hard and maintain active lifestyles. Up until now I liked the idea of eyewear retainers but I didn’t like the bulk and materials that the popular retainers provided.


  • Cablz never touch the neck so they don’t get sweaty or wet, keeping them from getting a funky odor after repeated use
  • Light weight
  • Cables come in a variety of lengths and sizes to fit small and larger styled frames
  • Flotation devices are available if you are a water gal and fear losing your favorite sunglasses in the water
  • They keep your eyewear secure
  • Stylish with various color choices
  • Non-irritating to skin & neck because the cable doesn’t rest on your skin


  • The cable sits out away from your neck, so if you lean your head against something( backpack) it sometimes pushes your glasses forward

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