Prois Reversible Sherpa Vest Review

Prois has done a great job with their reversible multipurpose feminine cut hunting vest by finding as much versatility and function in one garment as possible. This vest is Quick dry, warm, and provides ample freedom of movement that makes it one of my favorite layers for late season rifle hunting, early spring bear hunts, and one of my favorites for hunting rutting Whitetails in late November from my tree stand. A vest can be one of the best layers you can add, as a bow hunter it will help to maintain core temperatures and the lack of sleeves allow for improved string clearance. They offer this vest in several popular camo patterns like Realtree AP HD and Advantage Max-1 HD. Sized from XS-XL, usually I wear a Medium but found they ran a little on the large side so I went with the Small.


·        I like the option of wearing Blaze Orange or Camouflage in the field, cutting down on any extra gear is a huge bonus.

·        A durable layering option for cold weather hunting. It worked perfectly for me while sitting in my tree stand adding extra warmth and leaving the bulk off my arms allowing me to maneuver my bow easily.

·        The camouflage side is constructed of a plush Sherpa fleece resembling sheep wool giving me some coziness that I could get my chin down into on cold mornings and eveningswhile keeping the cool air off my neck.

·        The Sherpa fleece helped to muffle any additional noise from me raising my arms for my binoculars or bow.

·        The Blaze Orange side is made from Polartec200 which gives warmth, breathability and quick drying advantages, three things that I like to have while hunting.

·        There is a drop pocket between the shoulder blades with the intention of having a place to put hand warmers for extra warmth, a great idea that I haven’t had to use yet but will take advantage of.

·        Deep pockets on the camouflage side.




·        If you are out walking or hiking this will be too warm even in colder conditions.

·        Access to the pockets is only allowed from the camouflage side. I only wore mine during our rifle season so the orange side was always facing out rendering the pockets useless. I found myself reaching for the pockets continually only to come up empty handed.

·        The pockets are deep but I wished they were a little wider when fumbling around with cold fingers the narrow opening was a little clumsy to access.

·        I wanted to use the Orange side as my main “hunting orange” but I found it could be a little bulky depending on the type of layering system needed for each hunting situation.

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