She Safari 6 Pocket Hunting Pants

By Marcy Harris

She Safari 6 Pocket Pant

This is a very comfortable pant from She Safari. The price is hard to beat, coming in at around forty dollars. Unfortunately they are only available in Realtree AP HD They come in women’s sizes from XS-XXL.


  • Made out of 100% Cotton, which in hot weather is very breathable.
  • Lightweight, yet durable.
  • The slightly lower is comfortable and still feels good under the waist belt of a backpack


  • The 100% cotton does not dry quickly and actually absorbs the water very quickly so you will get wet and miserable during a dewy morning or in a rain/snow storm.
  • Pure cotton also tends to fade faster.
  • Sized on the larger side.
  • The front pockets are useless because they are placed right where you need to bend your legs making it very uncomfortable to have anything in the pockets if you are trying to crawl or climb, leaving you very little room to carry anything in the pockets.

Marcy Harris was the co-owner of an outdoor supply store called Gila Outdoor in Thatcher, AZ. This lady is quite the hunter and attends many of the indoor/outdoor shoots.

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