Paddlefish Round 2


Pike fishing pole is set up and ready, on way to the dredge.

Reeds-the places those Northern Pike like hide.

Good grief its hot-Woody and I cooling down with an afternoon swim.

Landed a Northern!

33″ long Northern Pike, wish we had a scale this is a heavy guy. His filets filled up a gallon ziplock bag…

I know, I know-it looks like we are Northern fishing instead of Paddlefishing right? Okay the deal was this, we were going to fish Northern Pike during the day and bow hunt for Paddlefish at night. This was our second time trying to secure a Paddlefish, we did finally see one paddlefish but didn’t get a shot off. The trip was a blast we came home with lots of fish for the freezer and bow fishing wasn’t a total flop, a lot of carp went down in 2 days!


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